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Shycocan Virus Attenuation Device

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Coronavirus is a Positive-Sense virus, whose S-Protein attaches to the human cell through the ACE2 receptors due to the opposite charge. All human cells have a negative potential (about -40mV to -70mV). The virus infuses its RNA into the cells and starts to multiply, infecting the body.

Shycocan continuously emits photons that form an electron cloud in an indoor space. The negative charged electrons neutralize the positive charge of the S-Protein of Coronavirus, thereby disabling it from infecting a person.




Shycocan does not use any chemicals nor does it produce ozone nor ionize the air. The device can be safely deployed in all enclosed environments inhabited by people, be it very large or small.

   Shycocan devices for office                                                                                                                                                                           
OFFICES                   RETAIL                       HOSPITALS                     RESIDENTIAL                           EDUCATIONAL                                   THEATRES
                                                                                                                BUILDINGS                              INSTITUTIONS
                             RESTAURANTS & HOSPITALITY                                                                                                                        TRANSPORTATION HUBS

Shycocan outperforms in effectiveness & safety


ShycocanAir IonizersUltravioletSprays
EffectivenessUp to 99.9% effective against CoronavirusPartially EffectiveEffective for one-time disinfectingEffective for a limited period
UtilityContinuous functioningContinuous functioningDisinfecting per useDisinfecting per use
Side EffectsNo side effectsProduces Ozone that is harmful to lung tissuesExposure is very harmful to eye sight and skinToxic and Poisonous
EffectBoth Air Borne and SurfaceOnly AirborneBoth Air Borne and SurfaceOnly for Surface
ConditionsAll conditionsOnly for small roomsOnly empty areas using robotsNot used in restaurants etc.
SizesMultiple products  for large spacesOnly for small spacesOnly for empty spacesUsed across sizes
ConsumablesOne time installation-no consumablesFilters need to change constant maintenanceCumbersome in regular useReplenishment of sprays



Product Specifications

EffectivenessUp to 99.9% effective against Coronavirus
DimensionsLength – 250mm, Diameter – 260mm
Cooling Air64 CFM
Power Rating40 W
Coverage Area*10,000 Cubic Feet OR 1,000 sq. ft. in enclosed space
Ozone EmissionBDL (Below Detectable Limit)
Body ShellDielectric material
Product Weight6.5 kg Max/9.5 kg Max
InstallationWall mount
Life Cycle5 years

*Unpartitioned enclosed space and for larger area, multiple units can be used


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